Rya's Gallery

I was born in Israel in the year 1953, second generation to Holocaust survivors. My mother was 14.5 when the gestapo , with the help of the Hungarian people, handed over the hungarian jews to march into the concentration camps  . She was one of the 12 children of Rabi Shallom Feldman , Head of the Jewish Community of Vác, Hungary, and Sheindel, may they rest in peace. Five of the children stayed alive, four of them left for the U.S.A. My mother Tova Gizi Genendel Rabinovits, may she rest in peace, was the only one to desire to stay in Israel and fullfill
Jeremiah 31 verse 16, 17
This is what the LORD said “Restrain your voice from weeping and your eyes from tears, for your work will be rewarded,” declared the LORD. “They will return from the land of the enemy.
 So there is hope for your descendants,” declared the LORD. “Your children will return to their own land.
My mother did her best to upbring three children, me being her firstborn daughter.
 The Holocaust survivors, didn't get any tools to survive, social help, espescialy the Hungarian jews, got minimal  monetary funds that didn't enable them to receive private help. It was unbearably hard. My mother suffered from physical, mental and spiritual hardships. The medication she recived worsened her mental situation. She did not see me as a daughter. She saw me as a nazi. She did not shout. She spoke and I contained as much as I could. When I could not contain, I left the house, walking the streets , or going to my primary 1 teacher, or this and that friend. My father, Poyzsi Moshe Yitshak Rabinovits, also a survivor from Transylvania, Romania, could not contain. I reminded him his own self. He was very talented in art and writing. But in his parents house, there was no place for talents. The caos passed on. To me. My paintings, the books that I loved, the dolls that I've received,where torn apart and thrown to the street. I understood victimization, fear,
emotional intelligence failure, loss of control, anger, unjustified hatred.
Evil has won.
I refused to except
I understood that I have the choice to choose between do and not do . Between allowed and forbidden, between good and evil . I have adopted  the creator and his language begane to reveal itself. The laguage of the creatore, my Holy Rope of Hope.
In 1987, I requested to paint out of love and peace. I requested to forgive and embrace myself, but fate force continued hatered, cruelty, evil, as an excess surplus that has got to end. It was time for transmutation and forgiveness for every human being. My father, may he rest in peace, was a good man and I requested to be as good as him. No one can judge another person. There is allways the personal story, the secret hidden until the time of truth to be revealed. This part of my past, was a painfull secret which I dare reveal only now, the end of 2019, in this renewed site. 

Though I have studied art in The High School of Art by the name of Margushinski, which is Kalisher of today, and in The Institute for teachers \The Arts \Ramat Hasharon, I was always an autodidact in every area of my life , listening to intuition, to my inner voice and especially to guidance. I have studid the greatest artists, especially Dega because of my love to ballet. The expresionists, Leonardo da Vinci, Michaelangelo, and especially Dali and his genius language in colour and rich surrealistic reality. I took the surrealism and made it visionary art. Through Piccasso, I understood that an artist can go out to his chosen concept only after working hard on sketching and realistic observation, than his path as an artist can be chosen. I have educated myself observation attention, art therapy, I developed a teaching method and healing through Mandala, understanding that I'm a learning vessel of the univers. The Creator is always the first and the last. He dictates the rythm according to the intelligent awareness that is being created from moment to moment. 
"God created man in his own image, in the image of God created he him; Male and female created he them"
 Alef Tav= 22 Hebrew Letters
Zayin Chaf letters, including last letters. 

From here, I started with my new paintings like "  In His Image " in 1988, and all the way, the tail wind was behind me and infront of me and a thrilling, empowering and challenging journey began.
My Sacred Poetry " Being ", which began in 1995, as a transmutation expression to feelings I've had and Life Experience I've accumulated, their number is tremendous.
I've removed the poetry from this site, but their time will come.
The Gallery of Rya, is open to groups and individuals, 3 stories of art. Its my time of renewal. The  gallery contains paintings, kabbala and   conventional jewelry, different hand made items, chrystals e.t. for sale. The paintings can be sold as originals, prints on canvas, glass, in different sizes.
Prices of original paintings estimated between 500 – 150,000 ILS
Prints prices 250 – 3000 ILS
You are wellcome