Rya Oshpiz

Rya Oshpiz is a visionary artist creating a world of inner perspective of emotional intelligence which is coming into being in humanity to make the world a better place to live in. This creative vision has nothing to do with mysticism or spiritual mystery of imagination.
The vision began in 1987, when the First Intifada began in the burning of the Carmel Forests, Rya made a request to paint out of inner peace and happiness and not out of second generation Holocaust survivors trauma.
"In His Being", marked her tone into Visionary Art. We are one. We have the same body, soul, spirit, the same organs, we breath the same air, we don't belong to any religion, race or sex. The ballance in our being is straight forward – ISRAEL = Yeshar El = JACOB = The Central Axis of the Sephirot // Spheres. The Sphere of Love. Tiferet.
The Expressionism of Inner Truth, created into amorphic images of Rya's feelings, move as they wish from the earth's dimension into other dimensions that are responsible to transmute emotionally and intelligently as one. The images flow through the golden mean of Figurative, Geometric forms, Triangles, Circles and Square grids. The use of Kabala, geometrics and alternate consciousness, make an access code to a different kind of intuition. The Alchemy of Color through the use of primary colors –RED, Yellow and BLUE, material into endless experiments of color that try to express life, flow , motion, circulation harmoniously with the four elements of EARTH, WATER, FIRE and AIR.
In every touch of matter, there is an attempt to bring the gist into demonstration. Landscapes, fauna flora, figurative images, become the language of dance – body, spirit and soul. This language does not consist Duality .It flows in the search of inner peace and creates an inner sense of pleasantness, serenity and confidence. Before each painting, Rya enters a state of Alfa, peace and quiet. The logic mind, the heart and the emotions have to flow together in harmony. The idea is not to control the substance in art, but to let the substance flow intuitively so that creation is formed from the inner truth. In putting the spirit into matter allows the touch of love on each observer.
Forgiveness, release of victimization, enable the everlasting motion toward happiness and life.

1953- Born in Tel Aviv Israel

1974-1975 Margushinski Art Institute Tel Aviv

1986-1988 The Institute for teachers \The Arts \Ramat Hasharon

1988-1989 Sculpture study \ Beit Berl

1987- Beit Hahistadrut of Tira – Exhibition-Fraternity between Jews and Arabs.

1988- Member of the Tel Aviv Artist and Sculptor Society.

1988- Painted the Children Festigal Book.

1988- Planned and designed a 50 sq.mtr.Glass window for "The House of Elijah"- Natanya.

1989- Dimona Museum- the Negev Desert – group

1989- The Tel Aviv Artist and Sculptor Society-Friends – group

1990- The Tel Aviv Artist and Sculptor Society-Shalom Tower – group

1990- Eked Gallery-The caves of the soul -solo

1993- The Tel Aviv Artist and Sculptor Society- The Inner Light –solo

1988 – 2010 + student of the Law of ONE

2004 – Culture Center Naharia-The DNA of Gaia -solo

2005 – Culture Center Naharia – Earth -solo

2006- Tal Gallery , Kfar Vradim-Israeli Summer -group

2007 – The Artist Association Center Haifa-The Yearning for Peace – group

2007-Tal Gallery, Kfar Vradim-Time for Organization – group

2007-2009 Centering the Artists of Kfar Vradim

2008- Amirim school, Kfar Vradim – initiating exhibition Spring 2008 for 50 artists

2009- Kibbutz Yifat Gallery "Peace = Opening"-solo

2008 -2010 Teknion ' Israel Institute –Curator

2010 Member of Impact- The Professional Visual Association, Israel

2010 – Kfar Vradim Library "Spectrum" – solo

2011 – Finland / Hovinkartano,Cultural Centre- Leave the light on -group-Curator Amily Gelbman.
          http://leave-the-light-on.coi.co.il | http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FrrbmFBSzeE

          http://israblog.nana10.co.il/blogread.asp?blog=404212&blogcode=11054415 | http://andicouldntsay.coi.co.il/ExhibitionsCatalogues.htm 


2011 – "Artistes du monde" à Cannes du 18-25 juillet, Palais des Festivals et des Congrès La Croisette -Raphael Barbibay curator Israelian

2011 – Agora Gallery \ Chelsea representation with Agora Gallery

2012 -"Unbound Perspectives" AGORA GALLERY Chelsea New York



2012- The Water tower, Nahariya- Enough! Artist against Violence- group- curator Miriam Stern

2013 – Tel Aviv- ART SALE- minus 3 – 65 Rothschild Blvd– group – curator Reli Wasser

2013 – Artist Colony Safed-Celebration of Art – group – curator Reli Wasser

2013- Prima Hotel Tiberias- Celebration of Art – group – curator Reli Wasser

2013 –Mitham Hatahana Jaffa T.A – Longing for a Hug – ONEFAMILY Overcoming terror together– curator Reli Wasser


2013 – Kfar Vradim Gallery – group- Kfar Vradim- curator Avivit Golan Schutts

2013- NYC- SEEME – Virtual Exhibition

2013- Haifa Artists House – Chagall House – Aquarelle – group- curators Nurit Epstein-Retner , Victor Lipkin

2013- Haifa Artists House – Chagall House- Artist against Violence – group- curators Ora Haim, Salomon Levayev.

2013 – Raanana 100 – Longing for a Hug – ONEFAMILY– group – curator Reli Wasser

2014 – Tel Aviv- Naaman Towers – The Fortitude of White – group – curator Reli Wasser

2014 – Kfar Vradim Gallery – A Local Portrait – group- Kfar Vradim- curator Avivit Golan Schutts

2015 – Zafed – The Artist Colony – KADESH – Solo – Curator Rya Oshpiz.

2015 – Member of the Zafed Artist Colony.

2015 – Permanent guest in the studio of the sculptor Yonatan Darmon in Zafed

2015 – Permanent guest at Macabi Health Center in Kfar Vradim

2015 – 2017 Currator of Zafed Artist Colony.